“You’ve got 60 seconds or she dies!”

Hearing this statement would have to be the most confronting and terrifying situation for someone like you or I, but not for our guest this week.

International kidnapping, life or death negotiations with the Al-Qaeda and other hardened terrorists was just another day in the office before he moved his FBI negotiation skills into the world of business.

Chris Voss, founder of the Black Swan group, walks us through some of the world’s most elite negotiation tactics and strategies that you can begin to apply to you property negotiation deals.

This episode we talk about with Chris Voss:

  • Why you need to get people to say NO not YES
  • Understanding negotiating across different cultures
  • The power of articulating your counterpart’s fears

While Chris has given us so much amazing content in this episode and we can’t recommend enough that you listen to it at least twice, if you feel like you could get closer to achieving your property goals by sharpening your negotiation skills, would it be a stupid idea to read his book? Or check out his blog or even do his Masterclass?

The answer is no, it’s not a stupid idea, it’s an amazing idea! And you should do all of those right now.

Chris Voss links:

Never Split the Difference Audio book:


Never Split the Difference paperback book:


Chris Voss Master Class: https://www.masterclass.com/classes/chris-voss-teaches-the-art-of-negotiation/chapters/the-power-of-negotiation

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