Prices are rising at such a fast rate that in some cases rents aren’t rising at the same rate. As investors what do we have in our control to help increase that rent and get a better yield I hear you ask? Value add renovations! Making a property more attractive to a tenant doesn’t need to cost $50k – $100k. In this episode we talk with two men about the most cost effective value add renos to increase your rent while either keeping a happy tenant or attracting one.

The tips in this episode are coming from two aussie renovators both from the sunny state where they call rugby football, Brayden Currey & Terry Reese. Combined they have renovated dozens of properties for themselves, friends and clients. If you’re looking to add value to a property you’ve just bought or want to better understand how you could increase the rent on a property you’re about to buy this is the episode for you.

Chat with Brayden in more detail:

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