If you think of property investing in a similar way to the body and it’s main drivers this might change the way you think of property investing. Think of it as the brain, the heart and the lungs: the brain is the know-how to put the deal together, the heart is the finance that gives the deal life, the lungs are the action that makes all the ideas come together into reality.

When everything works together we have the opportunity to bring a deal to life, however in this market we have been seeing a lot of people struggle with the heart of the deal ( the finance ).

The finance game has changed in a big way over the past 5-10 years and now it’s more critical than ever to understand the new rules of borrowing money.

This episode we speak with award winning broker Alex Veljancevski to walk us all through what’s changed and what we now need to know to be able to obtain finance and bring the heart back to the deal. If you’d like to get a more detailed understanding and chat with Alex follow the links below: https://www.eventusfinancial.com.au/about-us

Join me “Todd Sloan” each week, as I dig deep into the lives and experiences of a different industry leader each week to bring you the best property content in the country.

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