Why is it so important to be the idiot in the room? According to Simon Sinek, the person that’s not afraid to put their hand up and say “I’m sorry could you explain this again I really don’t understand” is often the person with more courage than all the others that don’t understand but want to save face.

This episode is designed to help you understand the meaning in the metrics, to be able to take data and actually see how it can be added to property investing to sometimes make some very big dollars. We chat with our resident data expert Arjun Paliwal to help bring clarity to all the numbers and make sense of what’s actually important.

Chat in more detail with Arjun and his team: https://www.investorkit.com.au/

Watch the simon Sinek video Be the idiot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkLzo_oNVho

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