It’s pretty safe to say most people know the more money you make each year the more the banks should lend you, but how much does the way you spend your money affect how much you can borrow? Quite a lot actually, and we mean A LOT… Just to be clear we’re not referring to people that make $100k each year and blow it all at the casino, obviously the banks aren’t going to lend you much, if anything, in that situation.

This episode is all about household expenses that can be pretty normal and easy to overlook, but have a massive effect on how much you’re able to borrow and possibly invest into property. To explain how this works we’ve got expert mortgage broker Chris Bates on board to walk us through two hypothetical scenarios ( couple Jayden and Jenny ) and (Single Sean) Chris will help open up how removing each of the 4 most common expenses from Sean and Jayden & Jenny’s budgets can not only make them more desirable in the eyes of the bank, but also drastically change the amount of money our hypothetical people can borrow and invest. This episode will change the way you look at simple expenses forever!

Chat in more detail with Chris and his team:

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