If someone says the word “budget” it’s pretty safe to say not many people get excited. But if someone says the words “Bigger deposit and better borrowing power” you’d probably correct them and say “That’s a sentence not a word but please tell me more I love the idea of having a better deposit and the potential ability to invest more”. Good, you’re in the right place! This episode we speak with investor and financial podcaster Kate Campbell about 6 of the simplest savings hacks to add to your deposit and put you in a better light to potentially borrow more to invest in property. If you earn $40k or $400k this episode is designed to help you think of the subtle changes you can make in your own personal budget that could help you get to the next step financially. Whether it helps you save $600 – $6,000 or even $60,000 this is all about creating some fantastic life habits that only the wealthy minded possess.

Find out more about Kate Campbell:

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