We’ve spoken with a few investors on the show before that have built successful rooming house businesses, generally they’ll pull in a very respectable 5 to 6 figure income from their rooms. While returns like that are still nothing to be sneezed at, Navid Guia takes things to the next level operating approximately 250+ rooms in a rent-to-rent model alongside his own investment portfolio. Navid is a very interesting character that we would describe as a made opportunist.

After a career in engineering left him feeling like something was missing, Navid stumbled across the rent-to-rent rooming house concept back in about 2017. Not one to waste time, once he understood the numbers and the potential within 2 weeks he had set up his first rooming house. His business has since grown to hundreds of rooms and is about to go through a further expansion by the end of the year possibly taking the portfolio past 400 rooms being individually rented. if you’ve been wanting to add some cashflow to your portfolio or if you want to get started in property but don’t have enough cash this episode is definitely for you. 

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