As humans we love beating ourselves up talking about all the things we could have done with the benefit of hindsight. But the fact is unless you’ve got a time machine there’s no point trying to get back to the boom, but there is a lot of benefit doing everything you can to set yourself up for the next one. While so many others will be talking about what they should have or could have done Try bucking the trend, look into implementing one or possibly all of the changes we’re about to discuss with very accomplished investor Arjun Paliwal.

This man hasn’t built a $7,000,000 portfolio by thinking about what could have been, he’s taken action and learnt skills that have enabled him to build all this before the age of 30. We speak to Arjun all the time on the topic of market hotspots and technical data analysis but this is the first time we’ve got him to open up a lot of his own portfolio experiences and share what’s helped him achieve such a massive goal in property investing.

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