Be honest… When a young lady in a Ferrari pulls up next to you at the lights what do you think? Daddy’s money, drug dealer, gold digger… For a lot of people the thought would very seldom be “Wow nice car, I bet she’s been working overtime and investing in property for the past 22 years to finally buy her dream car” If you do think that maybe you’ve just driven past Melissa Morgan, in which case you’d be right!

This episode we’re talking with investor, developer, and property manager Mel Morgan about:

How would she start building her multi million dollar portfolio again in 2022 on the average wage?

What opportunities does she think people might miss over the coming years?

How did she break past the 3 properties servicing hump and continue to grow her portfolio to now consist of 10 rentals. T

his episode is for any investor who is serious about making money in property and wants to learn from someone who has done the hard yards to get there.

Chat in more detail with Melissa Morgan and her team:

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