How much can I borrow now? If that’s not the question you’re asking your broker/lender as a property investor, it should be. One of the lesser talked about side effects of interest rate rises is the decrease it can have on borrowing power.

This episode we talk with property investor and finance expert Max Phelps about two hypothetical situations:

A couple earning $150k pa and a single person earning $85k pa

What happens to their borrowing power if rates are at 4.5% 5.5% and finally 6.5%

How much do these rate rises affect what these hypothetical people can borrow?

And more importantly, if it does change things…

What can they do about it if they still want to buy a property in 2022?

This information is not specific to anyone’s situation and is not financial advice. Please take what you learn from this episode and use it to ask your trusted financial advisor what’s best for you.

Speak in more detail with Max Phelps and his team:

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