Buying one investment property is an amazing achievement! But understanding the inner workings of how to buy multiple properties is a skill set very few Aussie investors possess. If you’re wanting to learn how to grow a portfolio and really change your life, this is the episode for you. We have given 2019 Property Investor of the Year Sam Gordon a challenging task… $60k income $60k savings, what would you do to get to 3 investment properties?

This episode Sam unpacks the steps he’d take around:

Finance – why could going direct to the lender help more than a broker?

Holding entities when you’re starting out – is it worth putting your first properties in trusts?

What kind of yield do your first few properties need to have to be able to keep growing on a modest $60k income?

All this and more with Sam Gordon. If you’re serious about property investing you’re going to want to listen to this episode a few times! Let the wisdom from this 32 year old investor sink in. Having come from very humble beginnings as a farm hand earning about $60k per year, to now owning over 50 rental properties and a portfolio getting close to $18,000,000 It’s safe to say when Sam talks we listen!

Talk in more detail with Sam Gordon:

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