Managing a renovation project is already tough enough! This episode we talk with Bernadette Janson about the problems she needed to solve to turn this project into an awesome profit. If you’re interested in renovating for profit this episode could be a massive help in learning how to side step some issues that could have been extremely costly, like:

What do you do when you find things like asbestos in the glue holding the tiles down! That’s a very nasty surprise and a serious one! How to correctly set the rules on a large joint venture agreement (JV) so you don’t lose funding part way through a deal. Managing a reno project when it is several hundred kilometres away without any trade relationships. All that and more! Bernadette Janson has been kind enough to sponsor the show and give away a 50% discount code to her “She Renovates” workshop live this 30th of October 2022. Click the link below to save your seat and learn from Bernadette and her whole team of experts on how they help people create wealth and financial freedom through renovation.

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