The price gap between units and houses has never been so large!

Does this mean units are now representing a better investment opportunity?

What if you could buy 2 units or 1 house… How do you know what’s the better option?

This episode our resident data expert Arjun Paliwal shares a way of scoring these 2 choices side by side, so you can find out what’s the best choice for you.

To do this we use 2 hypothetical investors Dave & Dona

Dave buys 2 units and Dona buys one house in the city of Townsville, Queensland

Both choices will be judged on 5 separate categories:

– Growth potential

– Cashflow strength

– Value add potential

– Portfolio growth

– Liquidity

What investment choice do you think will come out on top, 2 units or 1 house?

Talk in more detail with Arjun Paliwal and his team:

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