We love a good story of against the odds here at P&P,

When someone takes the situation they’re unhappy living in and works to turn it into the life they want.

This episode that’s what we’re talking about

With a man that moved to Australia from Pakistan by himself leaving his family behind as a young 18 year old man,

To then working 3 jobs over 80 hours a week and never giving up on building the life he’d always wanted.

Which now consists of developing multiple projects around the country valued at over $16,000,000!!! Plus building multiple successful businesses, and more.

This episode we’re talking to Moxin Reza


– Overcoming the challenges to build what he has

– Advice he wishes he had when he was starting out

– His view on selecting properties that really help build a strong asset base and portfolio

All that and more

This is an episode that will leave you with takeaways to make you think and becoming a better property investor

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