This episode we’re talking about a subject that if done properly can create huge equity!

This episode is about about buying under market value, but not just a story of how good it is, or how it worked 20 years ago.

We’re talking about the steps you can take today to start getting the ball rolling to buy a property under market value.

We’re talking:

what to research

who to talk to

what to say and what not to say, as well as the other skills that come along with putting together an under market value deal.

Because that’s really what you’re doing here when these steps are done correctly, you’re not just buying a property, anyone can do that.

If you really sharpen the sword on each of these steps, you’re going to become a deal maker.

Which is exactly what the man walking us through this process is becoming known for in the property scene.

Dragan Dimovski has built himself a portfolio of over $13M, in part by using this under market value approach.

He’s now helping clients achieve the same thing as the head buyers agent and director of Buyers Agency Australia.

Not only is Dragan walking us through the steps on the podcast but you can download a 40+ page booklet that unpacks even more detail. Download and listen to the episode as you read through.

Strap in and get ready to understand the steps of how this $13m man buys property under market value.

It’s free so download it today while it’s available

DOWNLOAD 5 Steps to Buy Under Market Value today:

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