If you’ve been researching how to increase your cashflow recently, chances are you’ve heard how both of these strategies claim to be the best way for you to do it. 

Today we plan to really dig deep and better understand the pros and cons of both strategies!

Using a good old fashioned debate to do so. 

In the Rooming House corner we’ve got one of the leading experts in Australia on rooming houses, he can be be a controversial figure in the property investing space and is known for converting and constructing rooming houses all over the country all while never being afraid to speak his mind: Mr Ian Ugarte. 

And championing Airbnb we have a man that’s built a multi million dollar property portfolio of Airbnb properties, and now runs a management company with his wife that is one of the fastest growing Airbnb agencies in Queensland: Shaun Craike. 

If you haven’t listed to a debate episode before you’re in for a treat, also rewind back to a couple of our classics like:

Ep 143-Blue Chip vs Blue Collar

Ep 128-Perth No or Go

Just so you know the format, I’ll be reading 4 statements all designed to put both parties on the spot and get real with the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. 

So you can learn details and pros and cons in a way you never normally could. 

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