Most Australian property investors start building a portfolio only to find themselves stuck, and unable to keep investing.

It’s easy to get stuck when you’re building a portfolio, especially if you get the wrong advice from a sales driven property spruiker.

What many investors don’t know is it can be just as easy to set yourself up the right way to keep growing, if you have the right team around you.

This episode we’re talking through a scenario of a couple that wants to keep building their portfolio but the banks have told them they can’t ( they’re stuck… )

Our team of 3 property experts will walk us through what this couple needs to do to not only buy another property, but to make sure they’re setting themselves up to continue growing their portfolio.

Max Phelps: Mortgage Broker. Max will walk us through the financial side of what our couple needs to do and give us questions to take to the accountant.

Jeremy Iannuzzelli: Accountant. Jeremy will answer the questions we’ve taken from Max, giving us more relevant information specific to our couple’s financial situation that will help them grow their portfolio. Jeremy will also give us a few questions to take to the buyer’s agent.

Sam Gordon: Buyer’s Agent. Sam’s job is to use the information gathered from the first two professionals to help construct the right strategy, price points, locations and property types.

Important: even if your situation is identical to any of our scenarios it does not replace specific financial advice. Always seek advice from a trusted professional for you personal situation before making any financial choice.


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