If you’ve already built a portfolio of a few properties you’ll know this, But if you’re at 0 and want to get to 1, or 1 looking to expand to 2, and are looking for the big secret on how to build your portfolio, listen up.

Constant problem solving,

Bear with me, I know that might sound like a cop out, but think about it.

If you want to buy a property you need to solve the problem of getting approved by the bank, the problem of saving a deposit, etc

As you grow as an investor so do the problems you need to solve to keep moving forward.

The reason I share this with you is because I believe the most important and sometimes hardest problem you need to solve as an investor is how to get started!

If you don’t solve that, there will never be a portfolio.

You can never run if you don’t start to walk first.

This episode we have Sanjeev Sah, buyers agent and property investor, a self made man who has built a property portfolio of over $7,000,000 starting as an immigrant IT worker.

Today Sanjeev is going to be walking us all through the 5 ways to get started with $50k or less.

So if you’ve been thinking ‘the boom has locked me out I can only get approval for $300k’ or ‘it will take me 10 years to save a bigger deposit’ you are in the right place.

Stay tuned as this self made millionaire shares 5 different ways you could get started today.

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