If you’ve ever had the thought “ It’s too late for me to build a property portfolio”

Think again, you might be thinking, yeah but I’m in my 30’s or 40’s I don’t have the time.

While having more time on your side makes it better, having less doesn’t make it impossible, as our guest Holger Detje has proven.

Starting to build his portfolio at age 53! And not just buying a property or two, this man built a portfolio of now 13 rentals, with a current value of around $9m and won himself New Investor Of The Year in 2019

I wanted to share Holgers story with everyone in the P&P community for a few reasons.

The first is the importance in understanding lazy equity,

Holder had a PPR that he’d been diligently paying down, it wasn’t until a chance encounter with a stranger flying overseas that he started understanding how he could use that equity to build a portfolio.

The importance in having a plan, when you’re starting later in life you don’t have time on your side, so how do you build the right team around you?

and so many more, this is an episode that should leave you asking yourself the questions,

” What’s really holding me back?” 



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