If someone tells you they’re getting 6%-7% or even 8% rental yields it starts to sound a little crazy right?

While there are many strategies to increase your yield, one of the most effective can be building a granny flat. When done successfully this strategy can achieve massive rental yields

But you can’t just build a granny flat anywhere you want. There are a lot of moving parts to pull a deal like this together, which is exactly why we’ve made this episode.

If you already have a property you’ve been thinking of adding a granny to, or if you’re looking to invest with the sole purpose of putting together a high-yielding granny deal, this episode is going to be a MASSIVE HELP!

We’re talking with Sam Gordon, director of Australian Property Scout, about the 9 steps to build a granny flat.

Sam Gordon has built hundreds of granny flats both for clients and his own portfolio literally; if there’s someone that can explain the steps to making this work as an investment it’s this man!



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Disclaimer: These 9 steps are general in nature and are intended as an overview only, please seek independent advice to find out if this strategy is suitable for your personal situation.

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