It’s time to get high on yields!!!

Finding a property in a quality area with a strong rental yield is crazy tough these days!

That is exactly why we’ve put together our list of 137 highest-yielding areas in Australia.

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This episode we wanted to take the list a little further, so we’ve asked Simon Presley, founder of Propertyology and REIA Hall of Fame award winner, to walk us through his 3 top picks from the list, as well as his 3 worst picks on the list.

Alongside the list, we talk about

– Simon’s views on how interest rates could unfold over the year

– The importance of asset selection within the area and how it can drastically change your long-term growth

– And Simon’s thoughts on what investors need to be focusing on in this changing market in order to set up for success!

View the full list of 137 highest-yielding areas in Australia!

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