This episode we’re diving into the world of property development, and more importantly developing a duplex with a massive upside for capital growth.

I didn’t want to talk about this in a hypothetical wayn and lately I’ve been chatting with Drew Evans who has built himself a massive portfolio totalling a value of around $24,000,000.

To be honest when I was first introduced to Drew I thought he was just another off the plan guy.

But this guy walks the talk, and when he started pulling apart his strategy in more detail and I could see he was actually making some solid equity gains.

So this episode Drew is going to pull apart a duplex deal in detail:

All the highs and the lows in terms of the feso and how that changed massively over the build.

The setbacks he had to overcome to keep the project profitable and on track.

The final figures of the deal and so much more.

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