Creating a positively geared property deal in today’s market is tricky, some might even say impossible.

What if there was a way you could still create a deal that wasn’t just positively geared by $25 or $50 per week but it was positive by $200 per week!

The time of recording this episode is 13th of June 2023, the cash rate is at 4.1% and the man crazy enough to take on this episode is Mr Sam Gordon.

You may remember him from such episode as ‘blue chip vs blue collar’, or ‘$60k income $60k savings get me to 3 properties’.ย 

Sam has amassed a property empire in his early 30’s and has done so by buying properties like the ones we’re going to speak about.

So let’s jump into this episode and learn more about the pros, cons and property investing details of creating high cashflow deals.

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