“A penny saved is a penny earned”

I’m sure you’ve all heard these wise words said by historic American President Benjamin Franklin.

While cents and pennies aren’t much at all these days, the philosophy of the saying still remains the same.

Right now in mid 2023, keeping control of your cashflow is focus number one for most savvy property investors, and while it’s important to increase your income, sometimes decreasing your tax bill can be just as good for your bottom line.

This episode we talk with Jeremy Iannuzzelli – accountant, property investor and all around financial wizard – about several changes and tricks you need to know about to help maximise the amount of money staying in your pocket this tax return.

This episode we talk with Jeremy about:

  • The changes to Trust distributions 100a, how could they affect you if you own property in a trust
  • PAYG variations, what it is and how it could massively help with your cashflow.
  • CGT exemption rule, would your situation qualify to sidestep this massive tax?

All that and so much more this episode with Todd Sloan & Jeremy Iannuzzelli



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