Starting your investment journey is always a daunting first step and there can be an overwhelming amount of advice which can be either unhelpful or untested. But being able to hear from someone who has walked the property investing path to the tune of building a $9,000,000 portfolio, can help put your mind at ease by sharing stories of their own mistakes and triumphs. In this episode, we talk with Rishi Bajaj from InvestorKit who really, like most of us, started with very little and through sheer grit, worked his way up to an incredible $9,000,000 portfolio of 8 properties. Each purchase taught Rishi something new, whether personally or financially, he grew a little with each purchase. If you’re a newcomer or a seasoned investor these 8 lessons from 8 properties will likely help you avoid some costly mistakes and potentially fast-track your journey to success.


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