We’ve flown in the winner of our Unstuck Yourself competition all the way from NSW to speak with our carefully chosen list of experts to help him get Unstuck.

This episode, we’ll be helping our winner, Dan Verwoert, overcome one of the most common property investing problems that gets people stuck: ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

Our expert Un-Stuck team this episode is:

  • Jordan de Jong from Gameplans, who will be helping Dan see the bigger picture and build a portfolio plan.
  • Morgan Bushell from Full Circle Finance, who’ll be fine-tuning the borrowing aspect of the plan and unpacking what’s possible from a lending perspective.
  • And last but not least, Oliver Jackson from Living Property will be drilling down on what kind of strategy to use, where to buy, and what needs to be done to hit the yields and growth targets set by our other experts.

Analysis paralysis is such a common experience for so many property investors. If you’re spending more time scrolling through rental yields than you are getting that property purchased, this episode might be just what you need.

If you’d like to be flown into the Pizza & Property Studio, put up for a night’s accommodation, have dinner with Todd Sloan, and have a team of carefully chosen property investing experts help you get unstuck, click the link below and tell us why you’re stuck, and you could be our next UN-Stuck Yourself winner!


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Talk with KHI Partners: https://khipartners.com.au/

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