It’s not very often that a Buyer’s Agent is willing to open up their data vault and actually disclose some of the areas they’ve been buying in…

But that’s exactly what this episode is all about.

And not just any BA but Simon Loo himself, a man with over 15 years of experience in the property investing space and someone who’s built a portfolio that’s worth over $20,000,000!

Together we’ll go over:

– Why Simon thinks these areas are undervalued?

– Which indicators do you need to keep track of?

– What strategies should you implement to start acquiring affordable deals in undervalued areas like these?

So if you want to make the most of 2024 and smash your goals out of the park, this is an episode you’re going to want to watch more than once.

Download Simon Loo’s full top 12 undervalued areas of 2024 below:

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