The majority of investors we’ve had on the show have made a mistake at some point in their journey…

And many of them even did it with their very first purchase.

And while it’d be so easy just to give up and say that property investing isn’t for them…

They all continued on, learned from their mistakes, educated themselves, and became better investors from it!

And today’s episode with Terry Reese is just another example of that story!

After rushing into his first purchase and finding himself with $60,000 of negative equity not long after buying, Terry didn’t get discouraged.

He kept learning and gaining skills as a renovator, a negotiator, and most importantly, as an investor.

And today, despite the mistake he made at the start of his journey, he’s now built a massive portfolio worth $5,600,000!

So if you’ve made a mistake in your investing journey, take this as a lesson. Don’t give up! Because you might be letting a life-changing portfolio slip away if you do.

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