As investors, most of us know a good property manager can save us thousands…

Many know it’s easy to become complacent and not keep up to date with our PM!

But what if I told you that making sure your PM has your best interests at heart could save you on average $37,000 per property over a 10 year timeline? 😱😱😱

That’s a lot of money!

When small costs are mismanaged here and there they can really start to add up! 

So how can we make sure that you’re partnering with the best possible PM?

Well, that’s where Bec Day from Trove Property Management comes in because if anyone knows the right questions to ask a PM, it’s Bec.

With decades of experience in the property management space as well as being responsible for a portfolio of over 1200 properties!

Today’s episode some of the questions we’ll be answering include:

– How to make sure that your PM is keeping up with rental increases?

– How to find out if they’re selecting the best possible tenants and how this can cost you if they get it wrong?

– Are you overpaying or underpaying your PM?

This is an episode that all of us need to listen to because you’ll be surprised at just how much money you could be saving from implementing these simple changes!

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