If you’ve thought about starting your property investing journey while earning around $90K but thought it wasn’t possible…

Or that you should wait for better market conditions…

Or a higher salary…

Well, then we have just the episode for you!

Because today, with the help of 4 property millionaires from vastly different industries, we are going to share the 7 steps they would take to invest in property today, earning $90K.

To start us off, we’ll be hearing from Mat Fisk, an entrepreneur and property investor with 15 rentals to his name by the age of just 25!

Then we’ll hear from Cate Bakos, a buyer’s agent and expert within the property community with decades of experience and a substantial portfolio of her own.

Next up, we have Rob Flux, an educator, developer, and investor with an absolute wealth of knowledge that he shares with eager investors from across the country through the Property Developer Network.

And finally, we’ll hear from Richard Morgan, a mortgage broker, sports car lover, family man, and someone who’s been there and done it, having built a $20,000,000 portfolio of his own!

This is an incredibly special episode of Pizza And Property and it’s filled to the brim with insights from some of the most accomplished investors in the country.

So if you’re serious about building a portfolio on a wage of around $90K, be sure to grab a notepad and be ready to take notes because this episode could help put you on that first step of the property investing ladder!

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