Perth VS Melbourne 2024? Discussion, Data & Political Interference

Perth may be ahead now, but time and time again, markets change, sentiments change, and the status quo never stays the same…

Not long ago, it was Melbourne that was second only to Sydney as one of the most expensive  markets in the country.

What’s held back the city and state from booming the way Perth has over the past 2 years?

It’s a mix of changes to the taxes and overall political policies of the state.

But Perth is so much more investor-friendly.

Choosing where and when to invest is a crucial decision that should not be taken lightly.

However clear who the winner of the best place to invest now might be, the status quo always changes. The only question is, when?

So which one are you picking?

Tune in to this data-filled episode to get the full grasp of the comparison today!

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