As a 16 year old kid Dale always had an eye for a deal, spotting an opportunity to start flipping cars so he could start making some money and build up his savings. It wasn’t until a friend introduced him to property that he thought “wait, I can just do this with houses”. In his early 20s he took on his first development project using the savings from his early car deals as kid. After that, a life long love of property was born. If you’re lucky enough to ever have a drink and talk property with Dale you’ll probably find him in the DJ booth at the nightclub he was able to open after years of dedication to property investing (XS NightLife). I’m pretty sure the fantasy of being a bar or club owner stays as a fantasy for most of those that have it, but not for the man with a high yielding 6 property portfolio, his options are open! We talk with Dale about – How his first development worked – What he would do differently with 16 years of investing experience – How property investing has given him the capital to now open up his own nightclub Find Dale at:

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