Setting goals at the start of the year is pretty commonplace, unfortunately the other thing that’s pretty commonplace is not completing them… statistically by mid Feb you will have resorted back to what is easy and forgone your goals for 2021… That’s not what we’re about here at Pizza & Property, we want our pizza crew to have every chance of nailing their goals and owning 2021. That’s exactly why we’ve got an award winning peak performance & mindset coach on the show today; we’re speaking with the one and only Tanja Lee. Tanja is an REB award winner Mentor of the year, industry thought leader and wellness advocate 2019. and she is here today to talk with us about how to keep ourselves on track and actually achieve what we want in 2021 We talk about: – The importance between should & must. – Unpack the S.M.A.R.T formula and how you can apply it to keep moving forward when you find yourself off track. – How to set goals that actually get done.

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