Living in the information age is amazing for so many reasons, what we can get our hands our in terms of suburb information today would have been almost impossible 20 years ago. Having so much information at our fingertips now presents a different issue: sorting through it all to find out what’s actually relevant to us and our own property investment journey. This is where comes into play! Gilbert Melgar founder and creator of this amazing product takes the time to walk us through how this powerful tool could point us on the right track in terms of having the correct data in an easy and fuss free way. We talk about with Gilbert: – How you can search by way of DOM, Av Growth, Median Price, Room rental price, Population growth, Development applications and so much more – How to use the projection calculator to estimate portfolio growth – Why searching by way of data can dramatically change the area you invest in and your investment outcome REMEMBER THE GIVE AWAY!!! 10 Lucky listeners will will receive 1 month free access to the platinum subscription of

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