This episode came about after we had a msg come into the pizza shed from Chris Langton, Chris wanted to know “G’day Todd, love the podcast mate really enjoying the variety and learning plenty through listening. I’m keen to know how best to start out in property investing to ensure you don’t max out your borrowing capacity too soon, how have others on average incomes managed to grow 6 + property portfolios without hitting their debt limit.” We were on the hunt straight away to find the best fit to make Chris’s questions a full length episode. It wasn’t too long until we found Mr Fane Levy. Fane has over 6 years broking experience and recently was awarded Broker of the Year at the 2021 REB awards!!! This episode with Fane Levy we deep dive into a hypothetical situation of “John” – this hypothetical person has all of their basic details shown for you on our facebook page if you want to have a look. Johns situation below can be found on our Facebook page Pizza and Property We talk about in the episode: – What you need to do with your expenses to stay attractive to the banks – How can someone increase their borrowing limit with different types of properties – What John would need to buy and earn to reach his goal of owning 6+ properties

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