Not a lot of people know this, but the roots of the word Mortgage comes from Old French, and Latin before that, to literally mean “Death pledge”. In this episode we talk with a man who will not be taking his mortgage pledge to the grave! We speak with Daren Ensor about how in the short space of just 5 years he was able not only to pay off his entire mortgage but then transition into becoming a full time renovator and property flipper. Now with over 15 completed renos behind him and currently undertaking two projects at the same time Darren is a man on a mission set for success! We talk about with Daren: – What he now does differently to when he first started flipping – Why he chose to flip instead of hold long term – The importance of staying firm with the numbers to make sure the project remains profitable Chat with Daren before he officially launches his latest project “The Flip Boss Academy”. Daren is letting a few lucky people have a sneak peak before it is open to the public, get in touch with him quick if you want to learn more about how to follow in this man’s footsteps.

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