“You need to know your worth” to put it so perfectly as Zoe and Carmel do, knowing not only what you’re worth just as a person and what you deserve in a relationship but also knowing what you’re worth financially. While no one gets into a long term relationship with the plan of getting divorced or separating, it is an unfortunate fact for the majority of relationships.

Zoe and Carmel are the hosts of the new podcast “Meet Pay Love”, an awesome new show all about money and love and how they connect to each other. In this chat we talk about things like: – Can you even get a prenup in Australia? – How long does a relationship need to go for before it is considered a defacto relationship? – Is there anything simple you can do today to start protecting yourself and your assets in a new relationship?

Listen to more from the Girls at Meet Pay Love: https://equitymates.com/meet-pay-love/

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