Your first renovation is normally something you want to start small and start in a way where everything is easy to learn along the way. Morgan Bushell thinks otherwise… Morgan is about to share the story of his first renovation with us and how he feels taking on a burnt out house was actually a better choice to start building his portfolio. One of the things we love about Morgan’s story is that it didn’t start with $300k savings or a job that he was rolling in cash. Morgan made the most of what he had and thought outside the box to create enough equity that has enabled him to continue to invest and now build a 5 strong property portfolio from a modest beginning. Alongside a good slice of pizza, one of our favourite things here at Pizza and Property is hearing the story of an investor that has persistence to make it happen no matter what! Morgan Bushell certainly has persistence in droves! We talk about: – The issues that come with financing a property that is uninhabitable – Why it’s so importance making sure your trades are happy – Dealing with the overwhelm of taking on such a big project and keeping focused on the profit at the end. Chat in more detail with Morgan:

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