Building a property portfolio of 46 properties is an amazing feat in anyone’s book, but this episode isn’t about the amazing achievement of building that portfolio. This episode is about the even more amazing achievement of keeping out of bankruptcy and fighting off the banks when everything came crashing down. It’s no secret we’re in boom times right now, but these good times will not last forever. This episode we’re going to be learning from a man that built in the boom and almost lost it all when the market turned. We’re going to call this man Sam. Sam is not a “property professional” and under normal circumstances keeps a very low profile as a very normal Aussie bloke. The only way we were able to get “Sam” on the show was to change his name and protect his identity from past legalities. Sam has been generous enough to talk about what can only be described as the toughest financial time of his life. Sam agreed to this episode on the understanding and hope that sharing his story would make a big difference in the lives of young investors hoping they never have to go through the same mistakes he did. This episode will make you think. Happy investing everyone, keep being awesome – just remember to build your safety net.

Join me “Todd Sloan” each week, as I dig deep into the lives and experiences of a different industry leader each week to bring you the best property content in the country.

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