Have you ever wanted to renovate a property but don’t have the time or skill set?

This episode I (Todd Sloan) talk with Oliver Jackson about the 7 ways to add value for around $5k from 2 uniquely different perspectives.

Oliver’s expertise sits firmly in organising and coordinating trades for profit whereas I’ve built my portfolio from a mixture of organising trades and a ton or DIY sweat equity.

We discuss each of these 7 ways in detail from both the DIY perspective and the organisational approach with renovating for profit.

So if you’re someone who wants to renovate a property to increase equity but aren’t sure whether you’re better off hiring someone else to do that kind of work or getting down and dirty yourself…

By the end of today’s episode you should know the answer to that question!

🍕🏠 We want to hear your investor story! So if you’ve experienced something you that you know other investors can learn a thing or two from, click the link below and let us know. 🍕🏠

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