It is an incredible achievement to reach a portfolio value of $1,000,000 and anyone that’s kicked that goal, should be so proud.

But our guest today has managed to reach the insane achievement of $1,000,000 gross rental income…

Generated from a portfolio worth around $24,000,000!

It’s a monumental feat and something that so few Australians have managed to achieve.

So like you, I wouldn’t mind knowing the secrets to that kind of success.


And that’s what this episode is all about, we’ve brought in Sam Gordon so that our audience can ask him the questions they want the answers to.

If you’re someone who is putting in the work to create a successful property portfolio, this is an episode you do not want to miss as Sam will be breaking down his million dollar habits.

And how you too, can succeed in the world of property investing.

🍕🏠 We want to hear your investor story! So if you’ve experienced something you that you know other investors can learn a thing or two from, click the link below and let us know. 🍕🏠


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