Love them or hate them, auctions can be a big part of buying property in Australia. In recent times we’ve seen the auction clearance slip in some states, sometimes it slips just a little and sometimes they’re falling off the cliff. But what does this mean for you as an investor? Is there an opportunity you can potentially grab that so many investors simply walk straight past? Also, just how much have clearance rates shifted in each state?

This weeks slice we talk with Adelaide real estate agent David Liston to run us through all that and more.

Talk in more detail with David Liston about the Adelaide market: ( As we always say on the show, nothing we discuss is financial advice, your situation is unique and you must obtain clear advice from a professional.

Making an unconditional offer when buying a property is no different, there is a serious side to this that must be understood before committing to contract. )

Join me “Todd Sloan” each week, as I dig deep into the lives and experiences of a different industry leader each week to bring you the best property content in the country.

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