Are you someone who thinks that you can’t find good quality investment properties for under $400k anymore?

Well by the end of today’s episode, you just might have your mind changed!

Because we’ll be looking at 5 promising suburbs around Australia where you can still pick up properties for under $400k.

And to help unpack this list, I’m thrilled to welcome Dawn Fouhy to the studio.

Dawn has been killing it lately with her own buyers’ agency, Future Proof Property Advisory and has her finger firmly on the pulse of markets like these.

So to break down each of these suburbs, we’re going to discuss:

– Why they’re so affordable?

– How do the yields hold up?

– And what can we expect from a capital growth perspective for the years to come?

So if you’re someone who thinks it’s impossible to find properties under $400k in quality areas around Australia, this episode is perfect for you!

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