Have you been wanting to buy a property as soon as possible?

It might be wise to hold off on that one for now…

The perception of beating everyone else to the deal might seem smart at first, but Simon Loo, owner of House Finder, who has built himself a $20,000,000 portfolio, might know a thing or two about buying at the right time vs. right now.

Considering all the major factors before actually deciding to go for a property is definitely a smart choice!

As what might be considered a lifetime deal, always resurrects every week.

Find out what and when to actually buy in 2024 as Simon discusses the different things he considers when looking into a property.

From being in a flood-prone area to being located on a main road. These are just some of the things that need to be accounted for when you are looking to purchase a property.

You have to be smart because buying the wrong property could mean significantly delaying your progress on your wealth creation journey!

So strap in and enjoy this episode as we actually find out the difference between buying at the right time and buying right now!

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