Every month, we ask our audience to send in a suburb that they’d like analysed. Investorkit’s lead research analyst, Junge Ma will be going through the data to let them know whether it’s a NO or a GO!

The question for todayโ€™s episode was sent in by Junior, who is asking about a piece of property in Alkimos, WA.

He has stated the details of the property as:

– 3B 2b house with a two-car garage

– 179 Square Metre Lot

– Built in 2023

– Selling for $510k

– Is a 15 min walk to the Alkimos beach

Junior would like to know whether this would be a good buy or not as WA overall has had a lot of positives as its been a hotspot as of late…

But is it enough for Alkimos to be a GO?

Luckily, with her expertise and exceptional data analysis, Junge Ma breaks it all down and gives Junior the answer that he is seeking.

Whether you’re also looking to buy in Alkimos or any suburb in the country, tune in to this episode as time and time again, it is proven that the data doesn’t lie.

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