Are You Calculating Your Profits Right? How You Should Really be Doing It!

Seeing our profits at first glance might excite us initially…

But don’t bring out the champagne just yet!

The figure you see still has a lot of factors attached to it before you get the net amount of money you’re putting in your pocket.

Come and learn from Rob Flux, a professional developer and head of PDN, Australia’s largest property developer network, as he shares with us how to really calculate profits.

By considering factors such as Gross Realised Value (GRV), Total Development Cost (TDC), Project Profit (PP), and Cash on Cash Return, you can really get a grasp on what to really consider when calculating your profits.

And by considering the time factor and actually annualising your returns, you can really find out just how hard your money is working for you as well.

So if you want to find out the full details of how to really calculate what you bring home, this episode is a must!

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