Investing in a property with a 4% – 5% Rental yield is becoming harder and harder these days, but not impossible if you know where to look.

This monthly episode is designed to help everyone in the Pizza and Property community get a leg up on where to put their time, effort and possibly even money.

We are so happy to say we have one of the best in the country on the show again to walk us through Wagga wagga this month – Mr Arjun Paliwal.

This man gives more than he gets when it comes to sharing information – where others won’t even talk about an area he’s happy to open up on what, where and why.

Let’s talk property and let’s talk about why the Adelaide is our hotspot in review.

Chat in more detail with Arjun and his team:

Join me “Todd Sloan” each week, as I dig deep into the lives and experiences of a different industry leader each week to bring you the best property content in the country.

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