t’s easy to hate property investors… Greedy scumbags just want to increase the rent and don’t care about anything else right? Not really… While there’s absolutely some terrible slumlords out there Majority of “Landlords” or as we like to say “second mortgage holders” Are just young people and mums & dads doing there best trying to set up for an independent retirement.

The extra risk they carry by investing in property can result in a more comfortable retirement if done correctly. If done incorrectly, holding an investment property can be a financial noose around their neck, especially moving into times of higher interest rates. As a property investor it’s so important you’re receiving fair market rent for your property.

This episode we speak with Principal and Property Manager Jackie Skein, to talk about what you need to be asking as an investor to make sure you’re not short changing yourself.

Talk more with Jackie and her team: https://www.myloganrealty.com/

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