It’s that time again to dive into to an Aussie area you’ve chosen.

This month’s listener’s choice area is Williamstown in Victoria. Sent in by Chris who wants to know the:

“Hi, I’m thinking about my next 2, 5, 10 years here and was curious as to what movement you see with Williamstown. Is it an investable suburb? I missed the boat with nearby suburbs Seddon and Yarraville and so with that in mind, should I sell the PPR and use leftover funds elsewhere in the country with the prospect of better yields and capital growth or if you see good upward movement on the horizon do I hold onto it and use equity for the next investment purchase? Cheers”

Arjun Paliwal, Director of Investor Kit, is going to open up his thoughts on both the area of Williamstown and his data score on the area overall.

Want your area analysed? Send it in using the link below -if it’s chosen Arjun Paliwal will give his analysis on a P&P episode.

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